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Dear Scholars,

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 International Forum for Progressive Research and Behavioral Sciences (IFPRBS) invites scholars those are interested in serving as scientific paper reviewers from all over the globe. Reviewers should indicate interest by sending their full curriculum vitae to us. Reviewers determine submissions that are of quality. Since they are expected to be experts in their areas, they should comment on the significance of the reviewed manuscript and whether the research contributes to knowledge and advances both theory and practice in the area. Interested reviewers are requested to submit their CV and a brief summary of specific expertise and interests.  This journal is exclusively peer reviewed quarterly online version and the publication will be quick and soon certificate of reviewer shall be posted you after the completion of selection procedure by the advisory board members.

Please go through the specialized areas of this journal before applying as a reviewer.  C.V can be

submitted online or  mail us at:  info@ijobsms.in

IFPRBS is always looking forward to assist you in the best way possible. 

Thanking your Kindness

  Board Members



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